Have you told God just how much you love Him?

For all He’s done for you, have you thanked Him?
and when you roll out in your Chevy or Mercedes,
Is He the one you please when you feel the breeze?
Do you walk for Him in your new Chucks or Nikes?
When He’s on your timeline, do you give Him likes?
Or do you just wanna be like Mike instead of Christ?
Just like a thug proud after he’s done his first heist?
you say you love God and believe in the Holy Bible,
but at work all you try and do is terminate your rival,
Just how thankful are we for God’s grace and love?
when it’s in hard times we think to look up above,
we complain when we don’t get what we want,
conspiring against our neighbor lookin’ nonchalant,
What is it we want? A jumbo latte and a croissant?
So we can sit back and feed our greed and flaunt?
Come on man, is that really what it comes down to?
Being like a fat cat hoarding what God gives to you?
I’m talking to me too, last time I checked I was dirty,
cause when it comes to certain sin I be getting’ flirty,
like Paul said back in the day, “I’m a chief of sinners,”
I get so proud that I only wanna roll with winners,
so I put on a show for the rest to see how good I am,
truth be told, I’m a wretched man and stuck in a jam,
so please Lord please, give me my daily dose of grace,
cause without you I’m flat foot, never finish the race,
if I walk out the door without you I know I’ll lose face,
cause it’s thanks to your Spirit that I always save face,


If I could make it back where I used to be,

right where my mind was innocent and free,

then my heart wouldn’t be so polluted,

and my purity wouldn’t be so diluted,

I’ve been fallin’ more and more lately,

cross I carry weighin’ me down greatly,

but it’s for my own good so I maintain,

that’s why they say, no pain, no gain,

I’m sweatin’ blood, goin’ against the grain,

compelled to pay the price, I won’t detain,


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